Two new singles out now!

Seasonal greetings from JDP! In addition to some minor website maintenance, we have managed to whip out a couple of new tunes for everyone’s enjoyment!

The more seasonal track, “Not A Christmas Song” is a fairly traditional Christmas composition, and can be loosely interpreted as a faux-protest song about the modern commercial nature of Christmas, and has a low-budget video shot in the immediate surroundings of Santa Claus Village just a bit north of our home town of Rovaniemi.

The less seasonal track, “I Don’t Listen To The Radio” is another venture into the traditional doo-wop sound, with a very obvious message, which can be taken with a grain of salt. Or not. If the Christmas video was low-budget, this one has zero budget.

These two tracks are both now available on your favourite streaming service, as well as iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play and then some. Happy holidays, everybody!

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