New album “Distance” out now!

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here – a new Jacques Daniels Project album released today, on the 1st of June, 2021. Seven very different songs with very different feel from anything we’ve done before came from various times, various places and various states of mind, all communicating various states of distance. We give special thanks to our special guest musicians: Minna Siitonen throatsinging on “Bonedigger”, Jarmo Saitajoki playing upright bass on “Old Folks’ Home”, Kennedy Pupe co-writing and singing on “If” and Moccamaster for the coffee. Also, extra special thanks to Pekka Laine at East Sound Studios for his continuous excellent mixing work.

Find the links to Spotify, iTunes and all other sources on the “About” page, and to view the animated lyric video for “Long Holiday” by crumblingstudio at, click below. Enjoy!

Two new singles out now!

Seasonal greetings from JDP! In addition to some minor website maintenance, we have managed to whip out a couple of new tunes for everyone’s enjoyment!

The more seasonal track, “Not A Christmas Song” is a fairly traditional Christmas composition, and can be loosely interpreted as a faux-protest song about the modern commercial nature of Christmas, and has a low-budget video shot in the immediate surroundings of Santa Claus Village just a bit north of our home town of Rovaniemi.

The less seasonal track, “I Don’t Listen To The Radio” is another venture into the traditional doo-wop sound, with a very obvious message, which can be taken with a grain of salt. Or not. If the Christmas video was low-budget, this one has zero budget.

These two tracks are both now available on your favourite streaming service, as well as iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon Music, Google Play and then some. Happy holidays, everybody!

New single out now!

Our new single “Ready For The Future” is out now! It can be listened to on Spotify :

and you can also purchase it on iTunes. Available in other stores soon, along with a traditional cheap lyric video on YouTube!



Official JDP website re-opened

It’s been a long time coming, but our official website is back online, and look at how new and shiny it is! Gotta love WordPress. This new website will not only contain most of the things our previous ancient site had, but it will also be acting as a blog, whenever there’s anything worth blogging about. Stay tuned, we’ve only just begun!